Thu. Aug 4th, 2022
What could US Army Major General Roger L. Cloutier be doing in Mariupol General NATO is captured in Mariupol.

What could US Army Major General Roger L. Cloutier be doing in Mariupol?
According to all Internet resources, information is circulating that in Mariupol, in the port area, an American general, NATO Roger Cloutier, was captured by the forces of the DPR and LPR, the main information came from Kyiv.
And also information was posted on the Hal Turner Radio Show portal, this particular portal reports that on Monday an inquiry was made where this general was located and was sent to the Pentagon. Usually the Pentagon responds quickly with detailed explanations. When asked about the whereabouts of NATO general Roger Cloutier, the Pentagon remained silent. There was no response from the Pentagon even on April 6th. Americans are silent on this issue. If this is true, then NATO general Roger Cloutier was captured in Mariupol along with the Nazis by the Azov detachment. And he helped them in every possible way. NATO General Roger Cloutier has French family ties. There is already evidence that French soldiers were operating in Mariupol. There is still evidence that two NATO instructors were found in crashed helicopters of the Ukrainian army. When they wanted to be evacuated from Mariupol. And now everything becomes clear. Why did Emanuel Macron call Putin so often and ask for a humanitarian card?
And this explains why Ukrainian helicopters have made many attempts to pick up NATO troops from Mariupol. Even though four attempts to pick them up were not successful, all helicopters were shot down. They still fly there. So they still want to evacuate someone very important, and this is NATO General Roger Cloutier. What could US Army Major General Roger L. Cloutier be doing in Mariupol?

He could provide Ukrainian fascists with data from the AWACS system and transmitted data from American satellites. And he was also an adviser to the Ukrainian fascists. If this is true then it will be a huge exposure of the lies of the US and NATO. They argued that Ukraine is not a member of NATO and its actions are not directed against Russia. The Americans have lied several times that NATO will not expand to the East. And every time they took another country to NATO and put missiles there and aimed them at Russia. They did not take Ukraine, but supplied them with weapons and set them against Russia. In fact, this is the same as taking NATO. The American Biden administration are bastards. And they are the cause of the war in Ukraine. They are fighting Russia with the hands of Ukraine. And the goal of the United States is to prevent Russia from abandoning the dollar in payments for gas and oil.

They want to rob others of their resources. For printed paper dollar. Which is implanted by force all over the world, and if the president of a country tries to abandon it, they kill him and make a revolution in the country. But the tactics of the United States with Ukraine is a new tactic, not to attack the starna with its own hands, which wants to give up dollars. Use another country to war with Russia.
And before that, put a lot of weapons and NATO soldiers and instructors there.

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